Remember when typing was a niche skill? Today, it is critical to students for occupational success.

  1. Standardized test results show a boost with improved and correct typing skills.
  2. Core standards include keyboarding as a skill students must master.
  3. Keyboarding skills improve computer literacy providing equality of access to opportunity for all students.
  4. Typsey is a robust skill acquisition system used by districts, schools, and parents to give their students the extra edge in educational achievement.
  5. Based on the latest learning research, educators embrace Typsey because it captures the user’s attention while building keyboarding skills in conjunction with core disciplines like science, math, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.

Spreeder VIP

Reading is an essential skill, but many only understand the fundamentals, leaving them to struggle through textbooks and educational materials, seeing the words but never comprehending the meaning.

  1. Spreeder was developed by taking the best educational research and applying the skills and approaches of the world’s foremost speed reading and comprehension coaches.
  2. Spreeder is an app designed to increase reading speeds up to 3x with instruction on comprehension and critical thinking skills built-in.
  3. Spreeder eliminates harmful reading habits and instills strategies for comprehension, creating lifelong readers and learners.


Wordela was built with success in mind. Wordela is simple and fun to use, and it helps learners integrate an expanded vocabulary into their everyday communication. Working with Wordela improves spelling and teaches skills and topics central to an academic career.

  1. Improving a student’s vocabulary sharpens their communication skills.
  2. It gives students access to precise and nuanced terms they can employ to share their thoughts and feelings.
  3. Critical thinking improves as new vocabulary expands new insights and fresh lines of reasoning, which is why Wordela is essential for all learners.
  4. Researcher Johnson O’Connor studied the connection between vocabulary and long-term success outcomes. Improved vocabulary was the strongest single predictor of occupational success.